Monday, May 24, 2010

Cowboy Boots and Hogs

As I said in my previous post we spent this past weekend in Hog Jaw Valley, Alabama. While we were there I found some goodies at a few yard sales. I love old blue bottles and this one is great.

I have other Milk of Mag bottles in varying shades of blue, but I believe this one is in the best condition.

In the background you can see some of the vintage linens with hand crocheted lace on them. I can crochet and I know how long it takes to do something like this. When these pieces were created women had very little free time (not that we do now). All the time, patience and care that went into them and I bought them all for less than $2.00. Somehow that makes me sad ( as a crafter) to think of things I have made, be put out for sale for the first quarter that comes along. But, then again I love finding things like this and using them. I guess it's the circle of life for hand crafted items.

Now onto the real find, it's the "Don't ask." and "I don't know" (from my previous post) item.

How could I leave these precious little boots behind. The young man that put every scuff mark on them sold them to me. As he looked up at me with big blue eyes and jelly on his chin, he let me know these boots were a favorite of his. I wonder if one day his mother will see a picture of her son in these little boots and wish she had held onto them.

Then there were the animals:
A turkey her chicks were nearby.

And the little stars of the show. Everyone kept asking if we had seen the piglets. There were 2 Mommas for all these little ones.
Here is one of those Mommas. Even though we live in a rural area this was the closest my daughters and I had been to pigs. I can't say much for the Momma but those babies were cute.

Hope you enjoyed the sights.


Cathy K said...

I always love seeing farm pix and animals; I work at a local historic farm. You scored on the linens and bottles, Debbie! Like you, I can't believe how people disregard the real value of handmade linens - heck, anything to do with the needlearts. Better for those of us who love and collect (adopt?) them. Hugs, Cathy

Rebecca said...

This is truly a precious post! I will return again and read father down during the week!

Love the M of M bottle. SPECIAL!


Fun With This and That said...

You are right about finding handwork .Do you wonder where yours will go? I think is is so warm and pretty. Pigs are something else. Be back later. Laura Q

Cathy K said...

Hi! I'm glad you're having fun with the wool dryer balls. Just remember that they recommend using 4-6 (I use 4 and it's just fine). Let me know how it goes. I rolled 10 more last night. I used worsted weight yarn instead of fingering weight, and it went so much faster! Hugs, Cathy

Dorthe said...

Debbie, it is true, also makes me think, of all this time, used, and then they are given away from the familyes, whom I believe should treasure and keep......
Love them and the blue bottle,too.
I don`t know if I love pigs, but I have been very close, as my father in law (now dead) raised pigs, for sale, for many years, -the small ones can be realy cute...

Hugs, Dorthe

Ike said...

We enjoyed reading your posts on the HJV experience...brought a lot of old memories back to growing up in Indian Land...slopping hogs, gathering eggs, scalding, plucking and cutting up chickens for Sunday dinner. Even back to chasing turkeys at my grandmother's.

Young lady, you can write. Have you thought about putting your crafitng, junking, yard sale experiences into an historic novel? Have you read Emilie Richards series using quilting as the theme?

Keep on keeping on!! Love you!!

Cindy said...

Really enjoyed visiting your blog! We are kindred souls...searching for and collecting vintage treasures. The story about the little boots was so actually bought them from the little boy himself! I know as a Mom of 4 boys, I would not be able to part with those cute little boots! :-)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

I'm lovin' those boots Debbie!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Debbie,
wonderful finds - have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awwww I love those blue bottles too!!! So pretty~ Pigs too...hehe. Have a great weekend my friend! xoxox Susie~

Fun With This and That said...

You are the WINNER for my give away please e-mail so I can mail it Laura Q

sissie said...

Everytime I go to an estate sale I can't help but wonder through the house and think about the people who have passed on leaving treasures and precious things for others to take with them. Like you said it is all part of the circle of life. Even though the linens were inexpensive they are now with you, someone who loves and appreciates there ya go.


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