Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flooded Basement Woes

After doing some work on our downspouts I thought a flooded basement was a thing of the past. No, that was not to be. Yes, once again the rains came down and basement filled up. The only good thing that comes from a flooded basement, is it makes me clear out a lot of stuff I really don't need anyway. Isn't that how a lot of things we have are, just stuff that we really don't need. I know I am a Hunter/Gatherer by instinct (as the numerous items in my basement can attest to) but, really, do I really need that stuff?
I am involved in a craft supply swap that Gina from "The Shabby Chic Cottage" organized. I am looking forward to seeing what my new friend/swap partner Ramona from "Better Than We Deserve" will be sending me. There I go again wanting more stuff. Now I will justify, these will be craft supplies that I can use in my artwork. Speaking of artwork I need to get busy. Starting this blog, setting up an etsy shop and all the rest has put me behind. But, it has also been great fun! Thanks for visiting.
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