Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get Out There and Vote!

Here in Kentucky this Tuesday is our Primary Election. I have a friend running for office that I have helped on the campaign trail. One of the things I have been surprised at is the number of people that don't vote.

Do you remember being in the 3rd grade and the teacher asking everyone to put their head down on the desk while you raised your hand to vote on something? Maybe you peeked to see if your best friend was voting as you were, but you never dreamed of not voting. Well this is 40 something years later and I still feel that way. I vote whenever there is an opportunity. My children have grown up going into the voting booth with me. We have talked about how important it is to vote and have your voice heard. As we arrived at the polls we saw our neighbors and my children saw it was important to those people as well.

Take some time to look at what the candidates stand for, how they feel about issues that are important to you. Listen to what they say and don't say. Just because they wear the Democrat, Republican or Independent label is not enough to vote for someone. Yes, those labels may represent your values on most levels, but that doesn't mean the best person for the job wears your label of choice. Think about who will take your small voice as well as all the other voices wanting to be heard and make a difference.Even if there is a candidate who is unopposed, cast your vote. That vote shows your support and that you will be watching how they work for you in the next term of their office.

I didn't always cast my vote for the winner, but really that is not what is important. The fact that I voted and stated how I felt, showed up in the numbers at the end of the night. Who ever won saw they had great support but there were also others that didn't vote for them. Not everyone agreed with them and thought they were great. It sent a message they better think about their decisions and strive to do their best for the greater good. So even if your vote was cast for the losing candidate it sent a message. The message is; we are out here watching, listening, thinking and we will be voting the next chance we get.
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