Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off to Peddle My Wares

Tomorrow I will be taking some new creations to Damselfly Studio and Art Gallery.
This is a local shop where I sell my art. Before taking them I took some photos today so you could see some of the things I like to make.

This is an art doll I created after taking an online workshop from a great teacher, JoAnnA Pierotti.
JoAnnA is a very creative artist and an inspiration to me and others. Check out her blog and be prepared to be amazed.

This is a wind chime I created from vintage china and stained glass.

I also had a wonderful surprise in the mail today from my craft supply swap partner Ramona at
will post photos of all my goodies tomorrow.


Allie Hembree said...

Lookin' Good! Glad you are taking pictures to document your hard work!

P.S. Nice work on hyper linking, you are becoming an expert blogger.

vicki said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your creations! Wow - would love to see them displayed in a gallery!

Shelbyville - western part of the state, right? I live closer to Ashland. are you ever up this way?


Dorthe said...

Love your doll, I am in JoAnnA`s workshop too, and so love all she is creating.
Your wind chime is wonderfull, too.

Lynn Stevens said...

I hope you sell out the first day!!! We don't have any cool shops like that where I live. I guess thats why I'm always blog hopping! LOL
Beautiful work!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

beautiful doll you won't have any trouble selling her - thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend

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