Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Beautiful Give-Away

Rebecca is hosting a giveaway.  If you love pink, lavender scent and roses this giveaway is for you.
Wouldn't you love to be able to paint roses like Rebecca does.  She calls it her shabby-cottage-chic-give-way, I call it beautiful and hope I win. 

Did a little work on my journal covers today as I had a doctor visit.  Had my DD take a photo while we were waiting.
After the doctor we were able to meet my Mother and other DD for lunch.  Very rainy here today, but we need the rain so I won't complain.  


Rebecca said...

And WHERE IS YOUR HEAD????????? I want to see your beautiful HEAD!


Thanks for the heads-up on my giveaway. Now I just hope everyone doesn't "unfriend me" when it's over! hahahahha

Love to you~


Laurie said...

I see it's not just me that worries about when watching Hoarders! Thanks for your comments! I hope you come back and visit soon so we can keep each other accountable on our collecting. (But -- who can resist fabric, I ask you?)

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