Friday, June 11, 2010

The Find That Will Have Something To Say.

As mentioned before I am working on my workspace.  At a local antique mall I found this wooden piece.

It looks to me like it came off a headboard.  When I saw it,  I immediately knew what I would do with it. There are times I will see something and wonder if I should buy it or not.  If I am torn about whether to buy something I really like, I will ask myself,

  1. Can I buy this somewhere else?

  2. Have I seen one like it before?
If the answer is yes to # 1 or #2, I probably will not buy it.  If I have seen others or can go anywhere to buy one, I'll buy it when I need it, elsewhere.  But, if I have never seen it before and  I can't just go out and buy it.  I will ask myself,

   3.  Do I know what I am going to do with it? 

If,  I know exactly what I am going to do with's with me on the way home.

Now, once I get it home not everyone is so ecstatic about my new find.  There are those times I may wait until the coast is clear, before bringing my new found treasure into the house.  I have a friend that says she keeps a red pencil in her car so she can mark a fake "sale" price on her purchases.  I have made the comment to other friends about sneaking some new find into the house.  They all smile knowingly and agree they have done the same.  We can be masters at finding hiding places, until we are found out and have to come clean about our addictions finds.
Back to the wooden piece.   I have a favorite quote that I am going to paint on this piece and put it up in my new workspace.  I will post pictures of it when I put my other debut pictures up.
On a side note, The Longest Yard Sale (US 127) is coming up in August.   That leaves me about 2 months to clear out  and make some new hiding places. 

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