Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Great Clean Up/Out

I am still on my crusade of cleaning, decluttering and basically kicking some stuff to the curb.  It feels so good to have some open space around.  One of the blogs I read, Ruth Rae, recently reorganized her studio with the help of a friend.  That sounds like a great idea every job goes easier with help.  When confronted with an item Ruth wasn't sure if she should keep or not,  would ask herself "Would I buy this again?".  If the answer to that question is,"No", then get rid of it.  This advice was new to me and has served me well.  I have asked myself that question numerous times these past few days, I have answered, "No" quite often.
There are many places that would love to receive your purged items.  Ask your local Senior Citizens daycare,  school art classes,  church bible schools and your friends, teach them a new skill and pass on the supplies to get them going.  I have challenged myself to taking a bag of items a day to the local thrift store.  Now, even if I bring an item home from the thrift store now and then, I am still way ahead on the junk out/new stuff in ratio.
 I also try to repurpose any items I can.  Stained t-shirts to rags,  table linens to dress my art dolls, old jewelry restyled to new eclectic mixed necklaces, old books into journals and scrapbooks.   The possibilities are endless and you have the best tool for repurposing in your hands right now.  Google search an item and you will find someone making something with it.
Now, there is another great reason to clear things out.  You will have room for the items you find that you just can't live without.  After all the "Longest Yard Sale" (US127) is coming up the first weekend in August and there is always an abundance of items to choose from.
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