Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Pelican Caught In A Nightmare

I know that I have previously posted on this subject.  Sometimes, thoughts need to be repeated.
My daughter sent me this link and I am posting it for you.  Before you go to the link, be prepared it is not a pretty sight.

I attended an art show today.  One of the photography booths had a photo of a beautiful brown pelican.  Now usually I wouldn't call a pelican beautiful, but somehow their unusual looks makes them endearing.  The photo stirred my  memories of the beach and watching the pelicans dive into the water for their dinner.   As the photographer and I discussed the tragedy in the Gulf, others joined into the converstion.   Thoughts and prayers, from that small gathered group, were with you Gulf Coast residents and the rest of us.


Dorthe said...

Dear Debbie,
This is a terribly disaster,-yet another example of what money and greedyness can cause.
It is so awfull, an accident,that will cause death to the fishes and birds, and poverty for all whom in one way or the outher lived from the sea. I dearly feels with all of you,-and me ,too, as we are all -more or less- affected with this.I so hope and pray, that it will not end up, as terribly as we all fears.
I`m sending you love and hugs.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

We live on the Gulf coast south of Sarasota, FL. We're all so dreading what looms on our horizon, and pray that 1) they can stop the leak and 2) that they can come up with a viable cleanup to save our beautiful water habitat. Too many of God's creatures will suffer unless something is done soon. We continue to pray for a miracle.

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