Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some New Things I'm Working On

I have been so inspired by some of the blogs I read.  I have been busy making some new things.  Crazy Quilts have always tugged at my heart strings and I have collected fabric to use in them for years.  I mean COLLECTED as in bordering on hoarding.  But, when you grow up with your Mother and both Grandmothers sewing it's kind of impossible not to love fabric.  I have been moving my sewing room into my daughter's old room, she recently moved into an apartment.  Another blog inspired me to make a real workroom with my space.   My Desert Cottage is hosting a Where Bloggers Create Party.  I wanted to join in, so I had to spruce up and move my workroom upstairs.  My DH asked if I was going to take a picture of the basement (old workspace), I said, "No just the new improved space".   In the task of moving my fabric, I have come across the many beautiful pieces I have collected.  Is it only me, or does some fabric just make you smile?   I have been known to start a project and not see it through so,  I am starting on a few small projects, journal covers and needlecases.


I have pieced a few to take with me when I am waiting in a doctor's office or in the car on a trip.  If I have something to work on, the time goes by so much nicer.

I have almost completed this one,  just a few beads to be added.

A journal cover that is near completion.  I love a small project that you can pick up and work on when you get a few moments. 
If you need some inspiration of the Crazy Quilt  type check out-cathyscrazybydesignplays-with-needles, and Ruth Rae okay Ruth's not old school crazy quilting, but what she does is certainly an inspiration.


Ruth Rae said...

on my! I like the sound of being a old school crazy quilter! but your right it does not really work for me I guess you can just call me crazy!

I adore crazy quilting... the closes I every got to making one was a while back when I was making "trash quilts" a lots of bits and pieces sewn together.

Love you blog!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh,those look beautiful - thanks for sharing.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

This is a wonderful journal cover! Just beautiful.

Dorthe said...

Hi dear,
Just don`t know where my comment on this post of yours went!! I may have forgotten to get back twice for adding the -funny word- sorry ,but here i am again,-I love your crasy quilting, and hope to see them finished Debby.

Oh you can show a whole new working space ,on where bloggers create,party --lucky you.
I have sooo much in my room that it NEVER looks
tydied up, things everywhere, so please don`t be afraid when seing it,--I`m in the party,too :)
Hope you are having a lovely sunday, dear friend.

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