Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome To My Workspace

Welcome to each and everyone.
  I am new to blogging, but not to creating.  I was raised with a Mother and both Grandmothers who sewed, painted, gardened, knitted, crocheted, embroidered....the list is long and varied.  So, I guess creating is in my blood.

I have a favorite quote:
"When I am no longer able to create something, I'll be done for."

Co Co Chanel
I have a 95 year old Grandmother (today is her birthday) and she is still creating. So, maybe this quote applies to her as well.
As I have said in previous posts, I create all over the house.  So, you will see a few different rooms on this tour.
First, is where I write my blog and do needlework such as knitting or embellishing crazy quilts.  Located in my sun room just off the kitchen, I can see most of what's happening throughout the house.
Now for my sewing room.
  My daughter recently graduated college and has moved to an apartment, so I took over her old room.  Previously, my sewing and other crafting was done in the basement.  I always felt out of the loop down there, so I am glad to be upstairs.    This is a small bedroom and I have lots in it.  There is still a twin bed in here, as no one should lose their room at home.
I have corner chair for my younger daughter to come and keep me updated on her day, or for a small repair that requires hand sewing.
My inspiration board with notes and ideas for future projects.
This is the closet where I keep yarn, fabric, doll clothes to be altered, lace,  ribbons
 and all sorts of fun things.
My recent yard sale find, a thimble holder, I painted and decorated.  My daughter's old printer tray that  no longer fits her decor, now is used for stamps, doll parts and thread.

Now for the room that is not as neat as it should be, but a lot of messy work goes on here.
  My laundry/ stained glass, painting, hot gluing, wire working, encaustic wax, china breaking room.  If it's messy I try to do it in this room.  On the other side of this room is my washer/dryer and a laundry sink.
Lots of stuff and I try to be semi-organized with it all.  There is some method to my madness.
Out of the chaos and into the light, this is in my kitchen.
  I do my paperwork, stamping and journal making here.  This is where I price and wrap things that are going out to new homes.
That's about it, not a fancy workroom where everything matches, but all functional spaces.
 A space where I can let my mind wander and create to my heart's content.  I hope you will leave a comment, so I'll know you have visited. 
Come back soon.
Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event!

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