Monday, July 26, 2010

Bottles, Buttons and a Eastern Hognose Snake

I have had quite a day!  I received a call from our local County Judge-Exec’s office.  They were asking local artist to contribute to a basket that is headed to our State Fair.  We discussed what I would like to contribute.  We decided on one of my decorative soldered bottles.  I have been lazy and had no inventory here, so I had to get busy.  I created two, so they could pick which one they wanted.
P7260596 P7260597
I had another phone call,  a friend asking if she could bring me some sewing supplies that had been her mother’s.  Of course I was overjoyed, that’s like someone asking, if I would like a piece of cake!!!  She brought a large old sewing basket full of buttons, hem tape and other notions.  I had so much fun going through the basket.  The hem tape was from the 60’s and 70’s mostly and the colors were great.  Such beautiful muted pinks and blues.  There was one brown moiré ribbon, that almost made me swoon.  I really do get too emotional over sewing supplies don’t I.
Now for the real excitement, the snake!  Snakes give me the creeps.  I was being a good blogger and was outside taking pictures of my bottles.  My 2 dogs were outside with me, along with my DH.  You have met Rufus (the dog) on a previous post.  In the past few days Rufus has killed 2 baby rabbits and 2 baby birds.  When he started growling, I thought he had his eye on another  rabbit.  I turned around to tell him, “No!” when, I saw the snake. There I was barefoot, (it is Kentucky you know), trying to keep Rufus away from the snake. I was grabbing the bottles, the camera and trying to get us all in the house.  My husband is against killing a snake.  He says, “good snakes are good to have around, they keep the bad snakes away”.  I am of the theory the only good snake is a dead one
(I once went out the back door and was surprised by a huge snake laying on the lounge chair.  I not only killed that snake, I killed the lounge chair with it.)
Getting back to the snake tonight, my DH grabbed a shovel and was going to coax the snake to be on his way.  Well, this snake wasn’t going anywhere and it struck at my DH.  I then shouted, “Kill it! It’s mean!”.  The snake then struck again!  So, my hero then decided, it had to go and killed it.   I had recently purchased a book on Kentucky snakes, I brought it out so we could make an identification.  It was an Eastern Hognose Snake.  Notice I said, was.  Now it fits my definition of a good snake.  Good and Dead!
I think I will wear my shoes the next time I go outside.
Love to all,
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