Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Giveaway and ATC Swap

Don't forget about the  giveaway.
You don't have to post it on your
blog, just become a follower and
answer 5 questions
 about previous posts.

I was in a giveaway like this
once before, where we did a
game and I liked it!  Not as
easy as, just commenting you
 would like to win, but I hope
 it is fun for you!
I have added an email button
to make emailing me easier.

I also swapped ATCs with Mya.
Since Wendy and I started the
 ATC blog late in the month, we
each swapped with an additional

Mya's ATC arrived in a cute little

Mya had a humorous take on the theme Sisters.
I love it, sure does bring a smile to your face.

The backside of Mya's ATC

I also swapped with Donna.  We had decided to
do this before the ATC Swap group was formed.
(Donna is now a participant in the swap and will be
swapping in the August swap.)

She said it was to remind me of my
Florida friend. 
(It reminds me she does beautiful work.)
Do you see all the beads and pearls,
abalone shell cabochons on a
fabric background with decorative

The back of her ATC, see, what I mean
even the back is professional.
This was not all she sent,

A postcard, yellow rick rack, tags and
hearts to use on my ATC's.

(How did Donna know the ATCs I sent Mollye
and Mya had hearts on them?)
Maybe along with being a top-notch
needle worker she is psychic too!

I also swapped with my "Sister Magpie",
Mary Ann.  I haven't sent Mary Ann
hers yet, but this beauty tells me I
had better send a good one!

Mary Ann had stitched some beads on the ATC,
but they didn't survive the trip.
Canada is a long way from Kentucky. 
I love how she used the soft flower and the
metal mesh together.
There is also a lot of decorative stitching
on this piece.

I am like a kid getting all this fun mail!

Don't forget the Giveaway!

Love to you all!

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