Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Giveaway Winner Is.......

I will have another giveaway
 when I reach 90 followers. 
 I will post the prize for that,
 in the next day or two. 
 I want to say I appreciate each
 of you for reading my blog
 and leaving your comments.
  I have made friends,
 found Sisters at heart
 and kindred spirits
 among the bloggers
 I have met each day.
  Bloggers that freely share
 their knowledge,
 their inspiration and talents
 with all of us.
 Thank you to each and every one of you.
  You make me a better person
 for knowing
 and becoming friends with you. 

Now for the Winner!!!!!

DeeDee from deedeescraftspot!

DeeDee send me an email
 with your address
 and I will mail you out your goodies.

Thank you to every one
 who participated
 by answering the questions
 to the Contest Game.

The correct answers were:

1.First Blog entry..
April 30, 2010

2.How could I leave...
The Cowboy Boots behind.

3.I tried to take a photo of a...
 cob web that wouldn't show up.

4.The find that had something to say...
"When I am no longer able to create
 something I'll be done for."

5.Dog's name...
Rufus, my boy to the world.

  I will have another giveaway
 when I reach 90 followers!

Love to all,
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