Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Priceless Gift

Today I recieved my package from Marie's Giveaway in the mail. Don't you love to get mail that has postage stamps on it instead of being run through a postage meter.  Marie sent this package from Germany, so  these are stamps we don't see everyday. 

Carefully, I opened the envelope and this is what I saw.
Top left is the sweetest pocket with a wire handle embellished with ribbon and pearls.
A vintage Bingo Card. Skeleton Key, Old photos, A Ledger sheet,
A Feather, old optical lens, microscope slide charm, ribbon ,silk flower,
The other side of the slide pendant,
And this stack of letters written in German and tied with a vintage piece of lace.
I have a German friend and I will have her read the letters to me.

In my thank you to Marie, I told her my father's parents were both from Germany. As I was opening this gift I could feel the presence of my Grandmother with me. It was if she wanted me to see more than what was in front of me.  In the photos I wondered what kind of  life these people had.  In the letters I thought of my Grandmother leaving Germany and writing home to a dear friend she was missing.  My Grandmother has been gone for more than 20 years, but for a while today she was at my side and my heart was filled with her presence and love.  The Grandmother that taught me to knit as I sat facing her, because I am left handed and  could mock the movement of her hands.  Whose knitting needles and knitting patterns (written in her hand) are in my workroom.  She was here and we shared the treasures Marie had so loving sent my way.

Thank you Marie for a gift that was indeed priceless.

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