Sunday, August 1, 2010

How Sweet--- The Sound Of Music

   I had a real treat today,
My daughter and I  attended
the play, "The Sound of Music".
What a wonderful show it was.
The performance was at
I have included a link so you
can check the Opera House out. 

Paragon Music Theatre was the
troupe that brought
"The Sound Of Music"
to life.
For the most part these talented
performers are from Lexington, Kentucky.
 Maria was protrayed by
Sydney Steele, an 18 year old
recent high school graduate.
Sydney did an excellent job and
I believe I enjoyed her performance more
than that of Julie Andrews.
My children and some talented friends
have been involved in the theatre
for years.  I have seen many plays,
broadway touring troupes to middle school
drama classes. This is one of
the best, if not the best play
I have ever seen.
 Mother Abbess is played
by Cynthia Ackley, her rendition
of "Climb Every Mountain" had me
and those around me in tears.
Never have I heard this song,
 performed in this way.
The youngsters that protrayed the
Von Trapp children, were well rehearsed
and did an excellent job as well.
What a fabulous opportunity they
have experienced.
Take the Arts out of the schools?
With talented young people like this,
what a shame that would be.
If you have the opportunity to see this
performance, go!
I can think of no better way
to spend the evening.
My daughter and I are going back
next weekend, we will be taking my
husband and other daughter as well.

Love to all,

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