Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Have A Camera And I'm Not Afraid To Use It!

               Finally, I have a camera to myself,
well almost I will have to let DH
use it occasionally.  For the most part
it is mine and no more weeding through
500 images my teenage daughter
has taken.  Really, some of those
boyfriends should have been
 deleted long ago.

I am starting a new project for a
dear friend's birthday.  I have
told you before, I love Crazy Quilts
so I am attempting a small
project here.

Now I know I have already made an error,
I sewed the back on before I finished
embellishing the front.  But there
is a small opening in the side and hopefully
I can work with it like it is.
I have machine stitched the seam lines with
a few different stitches.
I will add the handwork today.

Love to all,
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