Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Have A Camera And I'm Not Afraid To Use It!

               Finally, I have a camera to myself,
well almost I will have to let DH
use it occasionally.  For the most part
it is mine and no more weeding through
500 images my teenage daughter
has taken.  Really, some of those
boyfriends should have been
 deleted long ago.

I am starting a new project for a
dear friend's birthday.  I have
told you before, I love Crazy Quilts
so I am attempting a small
project here.

Now I know I have already made an error,
I sewed the back on before I finished
embellishing the front.  But there
is a small opening in the side and hopefully
I can work with it like it is.
I have machine stitched the seam lines with
a few different stitches.
I will add the handwork today.

Love to all,


BLISS angels said...

It lok wonderful I love crazy quilts too I tryed making one years ago. it was fun can't wait to see it when you are finshed, it is going to look great... Hugs Wendy

OH thanks for the posting about next months swap, Fab pictures... Im still working on atc round up... it is slow going because we have so many this time...

Rebecca said...

Hello sweet D~

So glad you got your OWN Camera my friend. I am so happy with mine although I will NEVER be a real photographer. I just can't get it things right even though I will always try.

Love crazy quilts. Love your heart!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Debbie,
congrats on your own camera. Love your heart and can't wait to see the finished result.
Hope all is well.
Have a great day.

Lynn Stevens said...

I want a new camera, have fun with yours! Love your crazy quilt, I really need to try this!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You are going to have such fun with your own camera. Mine goes with me everywhere!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You know you've arrived in the blogging world when you get your own camera! Ahhhh - crazy quilting - my favouritist (I know that's not a word!!) thing to do. Haven't done any for awhile and I'm so wanting to get back to it.

agypsyangel said...

That looks so beautiful. I love crazy quilts. I can sew however have not ever tried one.
Hope you have a happy friday.

Pam Kellogg said...

There's no mistakes in crazy quilting Debbie! Gorgeous!!!

Theresa said...

Beautiful Debbie, I certainly can't see any mistake:) Enjoy your evening! HUGS!

DeeDee said...

well isn't that wil work it out I am sure....I love it.

Jenny said...

I, too, adore crazy quilts. They seem to fit in well with my crazy brain! This is a neat project! I think it looks wonderful the way it is! I can't imagine it getting any better!

mya said...

Very pretty, Debbie. I hope you will show us the completed project.
Did you hand sitch or machine stitch the heart on to the back?

I have a few squares that I started in a quilting class a zillion years ago. The project was too big for beginners; the teacher's intention was that we would complete a full size bed quilt. It was one series of about six classes, so I have about six blocks; they are neatly packed away with a few other unfinished projects. If there is ever a museum for such, I can fill there display shelves.

Looking forward to seeing what else you have done with the heart.

Bellesanbeaus said...

I have so wanted to try crazy quilting and hope to this fall when the weather cools down. Did you see the cq ornaments Miss Kerry did? Now theres a project I think I will take on! Your heart is awesome and I can't wait to see more...thankfully I now have a friend ot come to when I get stuck...YOU!!!! Have an awesome week sweetie...big hugs Beth

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