Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Do I See? A Beautiful ATC Waiting For Me!

This beautiful ATC arrived in my mailbox today.
Beth my swap partner in the
created this beauty.

Now this is Beth's
What is an ATC, you ask?
It is a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" card
upon which you create
a work of art,
by painting,
or just about any
form of creativity.

Or, in this case,
you create
not a work of art but,

I am totally blown away by
this beauty.

Beth showed a small hint to
this ATC in a post on her blog.

In my comment to her,
 I said it looked like a science
experiment or a sun spot.
I could not figure out
exactly what it was.

Who would know that the
beading above, was
going to end up being hair?
And that face,
Beth creates these Cabochons,
isn't she beautiful?
The body is a butterfly,
a double layered butterfly.

I should be showing you a
 picture of the ATC
 I sent to Beth.
But, in my haste to
mail it, I did not take
a photo of it.

And, right now I am glad
I didn't.
You can see the one I
sent Beth on her blog.

Mine cannot compare to
this beauty.
Really, Beth I absolutly

I have decided I will have
to step up my game,
to hang with these girls.

It is probably a good thing
Wendy and I both
write the
or they may kick me out!

If you would like to join our swap group,
we would love to have you,

We will be matching Swap Partners
for September soon!

Love to all,

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