Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Charmed Exchange

You may remember the pillow I made for a
"dear friend".
The "dear friend" I hope I will have,
after she receives this pillow,

as well as one of these charms.

(sorry I cannot get picture to turn)

decided to do a swap.

We were to make a pillow of a certain size,
and 15 charms.

The charms could be no larger that 1.5".
With the jump ring attached to mine, I just
made it. The Charms are glass bevels
over vintage postage stamps.  I hope
I have enough variety, in the stamps I
chose, for Sarah to be happy with them.

We have no idea who our swap partner
will be, or what Sarah is doing with
the 15 charms.

It will be exciting to find out!

I will post photos as soon as I
receive my package .
We will then know, who my new
"dear friend" will be.

Wendy, who co-hosts the Blissfull ATC Swap
with me, also signed up to do this
swap of Sarah's.
I wasn't sure Wendy knew I was taking part in
this, until she asked me a few days ago.
I think it will be funny if Sarah were to  match
Wendy and me up with this swap.

Love to all,

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