Monday, September 6, 2010

Choosing A Name

 My husband said to choose a name that
would last 20 years, because that's how long
she will live.
We tossed around names
 and tried out a few.
Nothing we had come up with seemed
to suit this special girl.
I even asked you my blogging friends to
help come up with a name.
Still unable to find a name that suited.
We considered her heritage, Dobermans come
from Germany.
My husband remembered,
our eldest daughter was once in a play about a
strong German girl.
The play was "The Rose of Treason",
The story of Sophie Scholl.

Sophie was a student at the
University of Munich in the 1930's.
Sophie, her brother and a handful
of friends believed the Nazi government
was leading their country in the wrong direction.
They wrote a leaflet entitled
"The White Rose"
and distributed it around the University
campus.  The leaflet said it was time
for the Germans to rise up and resist the
tyranny of their own government.
6 different leaflets were written in all.
People began copying them and sending
them to friends.  Of course the Nazi
government found out and hunted down
 the ones responsible for this rebellion.
Sophie, her brother and 1 friend
were caught and executed.
The others involved were later found
and executed as well.
They were an example of bravery to
the very end.
Their story was a tale of courage,
of principle and of honor.

What better name for a little
German girl, than


She has already stolen our hearts.
I do hope it is a name that lasts
20 years.

Love to all,

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