Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Charming Swap

Sarah over at Gypsy Mermaid must have been a spy
or was involved in some type of espionage in a past
life.   She recently organized a swap, we were to
make a pillow, heart shaped and 6.5" x 5".
In addition to the heart pillow we were to make
15 charms that could be no larger that 1.5".
Here is the pillow I sent,
The charms I created.  I used crystal bevels and
vintage postage stamps.

Today the swap package arrived.  Now I had been anxiously
awaiting the arrival of this package. When I saw
the package hanging on my mailbox I ran down to
pick it up.  Inside I found a pretty little cloth bag
with all these charms inside.

The charms were from:
that's me!

Next was the  heart shaped pillow,
from our secret swap partner.
We were given clues to colors and things
they liked, to help us make a
pillow they  would like.

This is just perfect for me
and is already hanging in my
sunroom, right across from where
I am sitting.
And the best part, it is from Sarah!
The Queen of the Swap, herself!
See what I mean about being involved
in espionage.  She never gave me a
hint I was her partner.

Thank you Sarah for the lovely pillow
and for hosting this swap.

Hosting a swap is not an easy thing
to do.  It sounds easy and you think it will be.
There are so many variables involved.
It is hard to get yourself together some days,
try getting 14  together and sending all
the goodies on their way.

Thank you again Sarah,
I appreciate all you have done.

Love to all,
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