Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Charming Swap

Sarah over at Gypsy Mermaid must have been a spy
or was involved in some type of espionage in a past
life.   She recently organized a swap, we were to
make a pillow, heart shaped and 6.5" x 5".
In addition to the heart pillow we were to make
15 charms that could be no larger that 1.5".
Here is the pillow I sent,
The charms I created.  I used crystal bevels and
vintage postage stamps.

Today the swap package arrived.  Now I had been anxiously
awaiting the arrival of this package. When I saw
the package hanging on my mailbox I ran down to
pick it up.  Inside I found a pretty little cloth bag
with all these charms inside.

The charms were from:
that's me!

Next was the  heart shaped pillow,
from our secret swap partner.
We were given clues to colors and things
they liked, to help us make a
pillow they  would like.

This is just perfect for me
and is already hanging in my
sunroom, right across from where
I am sitting.
And the best part, it is from Sarah!
The Queen of the Swap, herself!
See what I mean about being involved
in espionage.  She never gave me a
hint I was her partner.

Thank you Sarah for the lovely pillow
and for hosting this swap.

Hosting a swap is not an easy thing
to do.  It sounds easy and you think it will be.
There are so many variables involved.
It is hard to get yourself together some days,
try getting 14  together and sending all
the goodies on their way.

Thank you again Sarah,
I appreciate all you have done.

Love to all,


Createology said...

How beautiful these hearts and charms are each and every one of them. Wonderful and generous souls make super friends. Happy swapping...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like a fun swap! They're so much fun especially when something is made just for you, using the colours you like.

agypsyangel said...

It looks like you had a great swap and got lots of wonderful things. What a darling little door hanger/pillow so pretty. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs, Kim

mya said...

Whew, I am tired just thinking of Sarah keeping everything separate, and organized then managing to swap it all between the participants.

The little birds on the charms are a nice touch, and at first I thought that the
trim on the pillow was a garland of roses. Very pretty

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

How wonderful! Your treasures are perfect! I just mailed my first swap package today. I've never felt so insecure about something...I know I don't have the crafting skills that most have, but I tried anyway. least my secret swap person is too nice to complain:)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Beautiful!!! Just Beautiful!!!
And how lucky of you to be SARAH'S swap partner! She can sure keep a secret fun is that! I cannot wait to see who my swap partner is. Now I can rule at least two people out (you, Sarah & myself) so that leaves only 12 people it can be!!!! The charms are sooo cute...I'm SO excited!!!!!
(I'm sad I didn't get your beautiful pillow though...but I WILL get one of your charms!)

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Debbie, what a great swap! So neat so many were involved. LOVE your heart, lucky girl. Take care, Riki

Whytefeather said...

What a great mail day! The charms are wonderful and that little pillow made just for you is lovely. I know large swaps like that can be challenging, so it's wonderful it worked out so great.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

WOW, what a great swap!! All the charms are gorgeous and the pillow is absolutely beautiful.Have a great week.

Dorthe said...

oh you got a beautifull heart,dear, and all the charms are wonderfull,-and I`m sure everyone was so happy to get one of your sweet charms, and the so beautifull heart you made.

Theresa said...

Wonderful gifts! I LOVE the pillow:) Precious friends making precious gifts for precious friends! Enjoy your day! HUGS!

Gypsy Mermaid said...

hey chick!!!
sooo glad you loved the charms and my heart! it looks perfect hanging in your room! thanks for being such a great swapper! big hugs!

BLISS angels said...

I didn't look at the charms but wow the pilllow beautiful... mine should be here today I camped out by the front door so i can run out when I see the mail man.... this was such a good swap. Hugs Wendy

Linda Robinson said...

Now that looks like a wonderful swap.. Both pillows are beautiful.. and all those charms look wonderful.. Hugs, Linda

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Sweet Debbie,

You have been on my mind and I wanted to drop by here to see how you are feeling??

Praying for all good things for you my Dear.

If you want to stop by my blog and add your name to my Giveaway please do so...I know You will love what is being offered!

Love and Hugs,


DeeDee said...

Oh how beautiful for both of you...lovely items exchanged...your charms are lovely and your new pillow so veyr pretty...Please Debbis when you find fun swaps like this clue me in I wanna join too.....I love all the pretty things you recieveds inthe little bag too.

Jan Fursdon of Fursdon House said...

Hi Debbie,

I didn't realize you loved to crazy quilt too! I also did mine in crazy quilting, and I have to admit - sometimes I hate giving them away!! I could spend hours and hours, just looking at crazy quilted pieces! I LOVE the hear you made! It's so beautiful and so intricate!!

I'm definitely interested in starting a swap myself. Got any ideas on what to do one on? I REALLY liked the idea of finding out details about the individual, then secretly creating something for them. It makes it so much more personal! Let me know if you have any special thoughts. I may be nuts because I'm so new to blogging, but like you said, when it's the right time, God just seems to put everything in motion!!

Love, Hugs and Blessings, Jan

Lynn said...

This was some fun swap Debbie, I remember when you shared your little pillow and charms. Look at all the beautiful charms you received and the little pillow is to die for. Well not literally but you know what I mean ;)
Sarah really did put a lot of work into this swap, she must have tons of patience :)

stampdiva said...

What beautiful little postage stamp charms and your heart is gorgeous. Imagine receiving all those little charms in the mail. Then the heart you received, oh I could see that displayed in my home lol. So romantic. TFS all those delights. Lynne M

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Okay Debbie...I'm back!
Now to THANK YOU for such a beautiful charm!!!
I picked up my Charming Heart package from Sarah on Monday and I've just finished opening it ( 3 something in the morning!!!) and I wanted to THANK YOU for being such a sweet partner...I LOVE your glass beveled charm! I received the Madonna & child (my fav!!!!)
I'm so happy to have a piece of your art :)
I hope to post about today (if I get some good sun light to photograph the goodies)
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
Plus..I have to tell you..
When I went to Sarah's, she had the heart you made hanging on her wall by the front door...I could have DIED when I saw it! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I must have stared at it for 15 minutes looking at ALL of the details you did BY HAND! oh girl...your work is FABULOUS!!!!!
(i almost stole it...but...i knew she'd know it was me who would have taken it)

mercedes said...

Debbie, I just got home last nite, after being absent for 3 weeks, and found Sarah's box waiting for me.... I was so delighted to see the beautiful heart from my swap partner and the sweet bag full of charms! Thank you so much for your lovely heart/love pendant! I will be making a necklace with all my charms! :) mercedes

Lynn Stevens said...

Wow grogeous charms and such a pretty pillow, love this idea! How fun!!

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