Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cuff Bracelets From The Dyed Fabrics

Last week I showed you the fabric and lace I  dyed using the
Flower Girl's dress along other fabrics. I was not sure what
the dye was called as it was in small bottles and unlabeled.
I had purchased it at the Paducah, Kentucky Quilt Show some
years ago.  Since then some of you, experienced dyers, have
suggested I use Procion dye in the future.  I am so thankful
to have a network of friends that will freely share advice.
This eliminates some of the trial and error we would
have gone through in the past.  A few clicks of the mouse
and most questions are answered.
Here are the cuff bracelets I created:

 This last one is a freeform crocheted cuff with
bead embellishments.

I have many more to create as I have a craft show
to prepare for in early November.  Yikes, that will
be here before I know it!

Love to all,
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