Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dyeing To Show You

I found this Flower Girl's dress at
my favorite store.

I brought it home and began the deconstruction.
It was loaded with lace appliques and
other useful Crazy Quilt items.
After everything was removed from the basic
dress, I tore it into strips and pieces.
Then I mixed up some Potassium Permanganate.
This is a chemical when mixed with Hot water
will dye fabric (especially Rayon) a beautiful
golden color.
Be careful while using Potassium Permanganate
and read the label precautions.
Only a small amount is used in a cup of Hot water
to dye the lace and fabrics.

In the photo below is a lace applique that was
left in the solution a little longer that the  rest.
I then proceeded to mix some fabric dye and play
with a little color.
I put the bead in the dye path as well.

I love these colors.

Perfect for Halloween.

A touch of pink to remember, it is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
get a mammogram!

Love to all,

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