Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Project

Oh, the people you meet!

Sometimes, you meet people you form
an instant friendships with.
Lately this has been the case.
I have new found friends that I crazy quilt with,
I also have a group of friends that I
wool stitch with,
Kim is a "birds of a feather" friend,
we seem to like a lot of the same things.
My latest project is wool stitching,
Elaine  has a blog that features quilting and
stitching among other things.
Occasionally, you may even see a
 chicken, on her blog.
Elaine decided to do a tutorial on a
I have seen these penny rugs and I love the
primitive look of them.
The best part is they are made of wool and
wool is a pure pleasure to stitch through.

When you are starting a new project
 the first step is,
visualizing it in your mind.
If  you can see it,
 you can create it.
I looked around for a nice shape for
my background.  I found this silver tray
and decided to make a mat for it.

I then planned my design.  I did not want anything
strictly for Halloween, but fall related.
Leaves seemed to be a good choice.
I cut my patterns from freezer paper and ironed them
to the felt. ( This is an easy way to accurately cut a
pattern.)  The freezer paper adheres well and can easily
be pulled off once the pattern has been cut.
The leaves are cut out and I am playing around with
the placement in this photo.  I did not like how
I had the red between the 2 orange pieces.
I swapped the red and olive green pieces.

 I stitched them down using 6 strands of
DMC  embroidery floss and a buttonhole stitch.
Pretty cute and I can switch out the mat for all 4 seasons!
Please visit all my friends blogs, I have included the
link to each one.

Love to all,
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