Thursday, October 14, 2010

Same Song Second Verse

That was the way the Doctor put it.
You will have the same surgery, through the same incision, next week in 2 weeks.
Same song second verse.

The song started with a lump on my thyroid. When the lump was first discovered, I had a needle biopsy.  At that time, all was well and it was just something to be watched.  I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my rheumatologist sees me every 3 months.  He had found the inital lump, so he would keep an eye on it and watch for any sign of change.
The lump has been there 5 years.
I began having ear problems this year, the treatment was one antibiotic after another.  No help. Then, I had an ear tube inserted and more antibiotics.  No help. 
On the advice of a friend I found a new ENT Doctor.  He looked at my ear and saw nothing unusual and began examining my neck.  He determined I needed a MRI done on my neck, since he felt a mass there.
The MRI revealed problems with my thyroid.  An Ultrasound was ordered for a closer look.
Yes, there was a tumor, cyst, lump whatever you want to call it.  The lump had to come out.
I was scheduled for an overnight hospital stay to have the lump removed.  The sugery went well and I slept most of the afternoon.  That evening I was doing so well, the Dr discharged me to come home.
I did not need any pain medication and I rested most of the weekend.  The next week I went in for suture
removal.  The murmurs began, that maybe all was not well with the lump they had removed .  Yes murmurs, but don't worry until we have a definative report on the biopsy.
Now the report is here and the murmurs have been put to music.
The second verse begins:
Same surgery, through the same incision, this time removing all the thyroid.
I have also heard murmurs again, this time of future treatments.
So, on goes the song,
I hum a few bars in my head and
 decide I don't like that song very much.
 Later I find I am humming again,
 like any other song that gets stuck in your mind.

I hope next week in 2 weeks when the second verse has played out,
I will have a new song to sing.
In the mean time,
 I hum and I pray.
I hum a little more
 and I wait.

Love to all,
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