Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time To Rethink

This past week I had to have some minor/could have been major surgery.  When you are facing an upcoming event like that, you think.  You think about the things that are important to you.  You also start looking at the way you spend your day.  I have come to the conclusion that I waste way too much time and I need to focus on the things that bring me and others joy.
Am I involved in projects that have lost their appeal?  I have said before I have the tendency to be impetuous. That can lead to being immersed in  a project before really being sure it is something I have the time and most of all the desire for.
 Am I reading blogs just because they are on my Google Reader list?  I have several good blogging friends, I read their blogs and comment on what they have had to say.  They in turn do the same when I write a post.  But, what about all the other blogs I skim through and never leave a comment.  Have I followed them simply because they once had a giveaway I wanted to win?  The last time I looked I was following 300+ blogs.  Why? I cannot possibly read that many blogs or develop friendships with that many bloggers.  I almost feel like a hoarder here, how many blogs can I add to the list?
  Is that all there is to this blogging, how many followers can I get?  I don't think so and I am rethinking all of this.
I want to write and read a blog with substance.  I want to leave a thoughtful comment, not a quick, "Love it!" and rush on so I can read the next 257 items in my reader. 
In the next few weeks, I will be rethinking and simplifying.  Not flying by on a wing and a prayer.
Love to all,


Leila Gervais said...

I've had those moments. :-)
I wish I had more time so I could comment on everyone's posts that I check out, but there just isn't enough time in the day.

Thank you for always leaving such beautiful comments on my art/pendant posts.

Jillayne said...

Well, I am first to comment! I'm sorry to hear about your surgery but sometimes it's something like that which makes you take stock. Doing things you are uninterested in out of a sense of obligation is a waste of spirit. The things you do should either "pay the rent" or "pay the soul". Good luck to you on this journey - I am on my own so we can bump along together.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Debbie:
So glad to hear you're doing better! Glad to see you posting again (that's a good sign!)

I think you raise some great points, and I think I'll be doing the same. I know that on FB, I said I wanted quality, not quantity. Perhaps that's a good way to look at this, too.

See you again, soon.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Debbie, it does make you stop and think at times. I follow a lot of blogs also. Many of them inspire me. It is hard to keep up at times, but I also have a hard time weeding through them. The other day the blogs I follow didn't show up. The message said I didn't follow any blogs and I was devistated and actually started running through my mind all the blogs I enjoy. How would I find them again! And then they showed up and I was so relieved.

Eileen Bergen said...

I'm so glad the surgery didn't turn out to be major, Debbie.

You've said some wise words here. I keep the blogs I'm following down to 30 and prune every once in a while. There's so much wonderful stuff out there, I want to see it all. But you're right, it's just not possible and there are (or should be) more important things in our lives - like the flesh and blood people right around us.

I gave up on Facebook for the same reason - too much of a time drain.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Debbie,
so glad you're feeling better!
Mmmmh,you do have a point - it is very time consuming and if blogger gives us a hard time it even takes longer. I'm still trying to catch up after my vacation - lol.It might take me a while but I get there!
Have a wonderful evening.

Dorthe said...

Dear Debbie,
I`m happy your surgery went well,-
and ofcourse that makes one think, and wonder...
I am alwayes happy to se you visit me, and hope you will still,go on saying hello to me-
now and then- I wish you a good, and wonderfull week.
Hugs from Dorthe

Theresa said...

Well Debbie, I don't have that many followers and I don't follow that many bloggers! I feel connected to the ones that I do follow and can't get overwhelmed by SO MANY! I haven't had a giveaway to UP the follower numbers because I don't want to get them that way:) I want followers who want to follow! I hope you find a good balance!


Ruth said...

Hi Debbie.... This post was one I would have liked to have written myself.
Just the last few days I've been having your same thoughts. I'm doing my first craft show this Saturday and after that I'll be picking and choosing my projects and "blog time" with more thought. Quality not Quantity!
I so enjoy tagging along on your life's journey.
I just have such a hard time even finding mine, let alone writing and sharing it. You are a true inspiration.

Thank You Debbie...... Ruth

Higgins Design Studio said...

I understand your need to simplify and clean house, so to speak. I too follow several blogs (not as many as you), and I see what the topic is about before going on to read more. And if I am gone from the computer for several days, I just leave it at that and don't go chasing down the posts I may have missed. Some blogs I decided to follow were inspirational to me, some were fun or funny and others I don't remember why... ;~)
Good luck on your rethinking... and Happy October, hope the surgery went well and you are on the mend!

Higgins Design Studio said...

I just typed a lengthy comment and then hit the wrong button and lost it... oh well.
As you re-think, take it bit by bit and that way it won't be overwhelming... look at maybe 10 blogs in any given period of time and decide if they stay or if they go, then move on to the next 10 the next time. Otherwise you'll have rethink burnout!
Hope you are recuperating well!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope to have Brenna's pie crust lesson done by the end of the week and on its way to California. Its been so much fun that I'm already thinking of other recipes I can do for her.

I read the last couple posts of your blog and they really touched me, especially the story of friendship. Reading it helps to keep everything in perspective. Being a new blogger, I find myself looking at 19 followers and feeling a little like a kid wanting to sit at the "popular kids table."

But you know, some of the 19 don't really show-up very often and the ones that do have truly become friends and I wouldn't trade them for a thousand of the other kind.

That said, I'm a new follower for you (LOL)and hope that we will become friends. I'll be back soon when I have a little more time to explore your blog.


agypsyangel said...

Well I certainly understand that. I just looked at all the blogs I am following and thought about very similar things. I hope you are able to scale down. I am still a little scared to try my CQ again. I sure hope you are feeling better each day. Hugs, Kim

Whytefeather said...

I know what you mean, even if I don't follow quite as many as that! I do have tons of bookmarks and go through them occasionally to weed them out. I feel a little like Susan above, thrilled that I even have followers etc. LOL. I am pretty sure not that many visit though and if they do they sure don't leave comments.
Glad your surgery didn't go major and wishing you speedy healing and health!

seeker said...

Debbie, wonderful to "meet" you, swap partner. :-) And I do understand exactly what you're saying. Quality, not quantity. Meaningful messages, not just numbers. Thank you for the reminder, as I too tend to jump into too many things (kind of a kid in a candy store!) and then end up overwhelmed or neglecting the projects or missing Thoreau said, Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!
(in the book Walden.) Right now, I am focusing on feeding my artistic side, and if that means some other tempting diversions are passed by, so be it!

Allie Hembree said...

Stick to your guns.

mya said...

Good for you. Time is precious.
Glad the surgery was not more complicated - surprised to see you back typing so soon. Take care.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

First, I'm really glad that it didn't turn out to be serious, what a blessing. As for the blogging, I do understand. I have some blogs that I read and comment and I've never had a return visit from the blogger. Some mostly have topics that I'm just not interested in, but not too many. I try to make sure that I find something I enjoy before I follow a blog. It is time consuming and real life needs to come first!

MOLLYE said...

Hi Debbie, How are you feeling today? Is this all of it or will you have to have more done? I feel as you do about followers and following. The comments I don't care to get are the "cut and paste" comments and I go to other blogs and find the identical message. I really am thinking now about the reason to even post your followers. I mean the ones who leave a comment you can visit and then you can visit the people on their sidebars and get to know more people etc. So after a while we don't even hear from the followers we have expect a very few loyal friends and we/I don't take the time to visit them either. Seems kinda shameful for some reason and a little pompous! Well girlfriend, you have stirred us up here:-)

DeeDee said...

Due to back problems I have had to take a break myself..I have over 1000 follewed blogs plus the direct links on my gets overwelming....I love each and every one I follow....I have picked a handful that I visit often...and love the freinds I have made..including you Deb...{{{HUGS}}}

Gayle said...

Well worded - love your style. You make others feel good with you words and wisdom.
Love you much!!!

Cathy K said...

What a great post. And you know what? I think alot of us are doing the same thing. I was up to reading 150 blogs and was overwhelmed. In September I deleted over 40, and will continue to do so until I get down to ... well, the point is the comfort, not the number, right? (sort of like our weight, LOL). Glad your surgery stayed minor. Hugs, Cathy

Lynn said...

I too follow way more blogs than I can ever visit, and have already stopped worrying about visiting unless I do have the time. Otherwise I will go crazy ya know?

Good to hear you are doing better after the surgery, I know how worried you were at first.
Hugs, Lynn

debbie said...


Rebecca said...

Girlfriend...everything you said is so true.

I blog because I love to share my faith in a healing, loving, merciful God and there is HOPE in Him. I blog because I love to share about my family and the journey my LESS THAN PERFECT self has been on! I blog because I love to pass on exciting finds and to extol the benefits of thrift store shopping vs. buying new. I also blog because it is a smart thing to do for my tiny little business as direct advertising is so incredibly expensive that I can't always afford it.

That said...I follow LOTS of blogs for the same exact reasons that I blog. Some I garner inspiration via their photography because they helps me inspire me to create. Some Blogs I follow because no matter how often I pop in there is always something that feeds my soul. Some blogs I follow because doing so reminds me to pray for them. Some I follow because I know THEY PRAY FOR ME! Some I follow because they create things like me and it helps me stay 'in the know' on trends and design changes.

I don't even try to visit everyone on my blog list. My house would never get cleaned and I would certainly NOT get any work done (and since we depend on my income that would NOT be a good thing!). I believe God leads me to the place I need to be at any given time and that is enough for me. If a blog I follow pops up and I feel directed to visit then I do. If I don't...well...that is OK, too! Maybe I'll catch them next time!

As far as giveaways are concerned...well...I do those primarily to generate chatter about my business and to say "THANKS" for encouraging me and supporting me along the way. In a sea of extremely TALENTED people I hope in a tiny little way someone will see the passion behind what I do and come and visit my site. If somebody new follows me as a result that is great. It is also great if they don't!

Whew...what a MOUTHFUL!

Before I scoot I want you to know I hope you get completely WELL and that your health is fully restored. God always makes a way when there seems to be no way.

Love to you girly.


ShirleyC said...

Following you from Simply Debbie. I love your posts, and will be back to read some more. I follow a whole lot more blogs than follow me, but that's ok. I don't even try to compete with the big dogs. There's a few I'm about to delete from my list. I like to keep up with several special blogs, and I'm so far behind myself right now that I haven't even had much time to post. Hope you are feeling better.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hi--I found my way over here from Simply Debbie's link. Quality, not quantity--therefore I don't sweat the numbers since I am not concerned about how many followers I have. I hope something I post puts a smile on someone's face or makes them think of times past (depending upon the post).

Thanksgiving blessings to you!

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