Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Fun Days

Do you ever want to do something and the more you think about doing it, the better it sounds? I was like that about visiting the fabric store, I told you about in my last post. I had built this place up in my mind, to a level that was really unrealistic. My friend Margaret and I, went on a road trip to visit this fantasy fabric store.  Needless to say, as with anything we remember and have exaggerated in our minds, it was less than I had imagined.   But, there were some redeeming factors, it was located in the downtown area
of Cincinnat,i where the architecture was rich with details.  I love to imagine what the area would have been like in it's heyday.
The  back wall of the fabric shop was covered with this mosaic.
There was a nice selection of fabric.
But it was small and as I said before, just not what I had built it up to be.
That is my friend Margaret, trying her best to find something she could not live without.

Margaret is like me, we LOVE fabric.  But from the Textile Trove, we emerged empty handed.
The Christmas ornament class was not anything we were interested in, so we hit the road to look for other diversions.
That was Saturday,
 Day 1 of 2 fun days!
Sunday brought another adventure with my DH.
We have a creek behind our cabin that has dried up, due to the extreme drought we are experiencing here in Kentucky.  The lowering of the water levels has uncovered some real treasures.
Old tree stumps that were so neat looking!
You can see how very dry it is here.
More neat pieces of wood.
When you are looking a these pieces of wood, you don't consider the fact  that your back is not what it once was.  Another thought that escapes consideration, is how in the world you are going to carry the wood out.   Even though the creek had dried up, the bottom was muddy.  No way to drive the truck back in there.  Well, 2 angels just happened to come our way.  Tessa and Tori were their names and the they rode in on a white horse (4 wheeler).  I called to them and asked would they please help us bring the wood out.  They were a great help and we could not have done it without them.  Thanks girls!  I told them I would be blogging about this and would put their pictures on here, I hope they see this.
While my DH was busy cutting wood, I took the opportunity to do a little glass hunting,  sea glass, mermaid tears what ever you call it.  I had a good friend Jennifer,  she loved sea glass.  Jennifer passed away earlier this year from breast cancer.  I always talk to Jennifer when I am looking for sea glass. 

Jennifer must have been walking there by my side,  look at this haul.  I even found a few pieces of broken china and a piece of metal I can use in my artwork. 
Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for each one of you.
Love to all,
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