Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

After posting my cuff bracelets, I had some emails
with questions on the construction process.

I started out with a piece of felted wool.
(Felted Wool is wool that has been washed in
hot water and dried in the dryer.  This process
creates a piece of wool that is like felt, the more
you  wash and dry the wool the less fraying you
will have.)
I then used some fabric dye to give it some color.
Note there is some fraying on the edges.  I have a
front loading washer and those washers take forever
to felt wool.  You need lots of agitation to create
dense felt.  (Now I have some things that agitate
me, but I am not wool so that won't work.)
The next step is to press the felted wool and cut
your cuff to the desired shape.  Since the fibers are
intertwined you can cut most any shape and have it
be  stable.
I hooped the fabric to apply the vintage image I wanted
for  a focal point.
I then got to do something fun!  Look through my
stash for images and embellishments.  Buttons, beads,
torn strips of fabric and ribbons.  The ribbon on the
right with the blue tag, as well as the image came
from Pat Winters.  Pat does beautiful work and has
an assortment of lovely images for sale. 

The next steps were adding all the goodies.   I began
with my focal point and added whatever looked good next.
Along with a heavy duty snap or button for a
My  completed cuff.

Love to all,
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