Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Will Sing A Song of Praise

You  may remember my post a few weeks ago,
The post addressed the fact I have
Thyroid Cancer.
I had a large cyst removed from the left side
of my thyroid, that was determined to be
cancerous.  The same song, second verse
referred to the fact I would have a repeat surgery,
removing my thyroid.  The cancerous cyst
was encapsulated, with no lymph node involvement.
Due to it's large size, a total thyroidectomy was
recommended.  Having that completed, I am now on
to the next phase of my treatment.    In a few weeks
I will have a Radioactive Iodine treatment.
I will be on a Iodine restricted diet for 2 weeks
before the treatment.  I have been looking
this diet over and making a somewhat limited
shopping list of foods I will be allowed to eat.
Being on a restricted diet may have some weight
loss benefits!
I am so thankful the tumor was found and dealt with.
I will follow the recommended diet and hope the
Radiocative Iodine treatment is successful.

I want to thank those of you who prayed for me, 
sent emails of concern,
called to checked on me,
sent delicious food,
or thought of me, at some point in your busy day. 
I am also thankful for a skilled surgeon, and
a wonderful hospital where I was treated
like a queen.
An endocrinologist that explained everything
to me in detail was comforting, knowing what
to expect and do, is enpowering.

Love to all,

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