Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Will Sing A Song of Praise

You  may remember my post a few weeks ago,
The post addressed the fact I have
Thyroid Cancer.
I had a large cyst removed from the left side
of my thyroid, that was determined to be
cancerous.  The same song, second verse
referred to the fact I would have a repeat surgery,
removing my thyroid.  The cancerous cyst
was encapsulated, with no lymph node involvement.
Due to it's large size, a total thyroidectomy was
recommended.  Having that completed, I am now on
to the next phase of my treatment.    In a few weeks
I will have a Radioactive Iodine treatment.
I will be on a Iodine restricted diet for 2 weeks
before the treatment.  I have been looking
this diet over and making a somewhat limited
shopping list of foods I will be allowed to eat.
Being on a restricted diet may have some weight
loss benefits!
I am so thankful the tumor was found and dealt with.
I will follow the recommended diet and hope the
Radiocative Iodine treatment is successful.

I want to thank those of you who prayed for me, 
sent emails of concern,
called to checked on me,
sent delicious food,
or thought of me, at some point in your busy day. 
I am also thankful for a skilled surgeon, and
a wonderful hospital where I was treated
like a queen.
An endocrinologist that explained everything
to me in detail was comforting, knowing what
to expect and do, is enpowering.

Love to all,


Laurie said...

My prayers are with you Debbie, thank God it was caught and eliminated.

agypsyangel said...

I am so happy that all is well. I hope that the diet is not too hard to follow. Hopefully now you can find a happy happy tune to think about now. Hugs, Kim

soggybottomflats said...

Sister Debbie
Now you've jumped the abyss, it's all good now. I hold you close to my heart and will continue to pray for you. Big hugs to you, Elaine

Suzanne Thomsen Newsome said...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers. We can be so confident in the healing powers of our amazing human bodies. Holding you in Healing Light. Suzanne

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Prayer is a powerful thing and you have mine. Take care, Connie

Dorthe said...

Dear Debbie,
I`m happy for you, that the cancer was incapsulated and no lymph node was found, that means so very much.
I will think of you, through your diet,too- and hope it is not too hard to cope with.
Warm thoughts, and blessings for the future.
Smiles, and hugs-Dorthe

Whimsey Creations said...

And now on with a wonderful life Debbie. I'm so glad everything is turning out well for you. Big hugs!

BubzRugz said...

Good news so far - will keep thinking of you and sending best wishes....

BLISS angels said...

That is wonderful news. hugs, Prayers. wendy

mya said...

It is hard to keep up with you. You seem to stay so busy- doing this and getting ready for that - how did you work in surgeries to your schedule?
On the radioactive iodine treatment are you considered dangerous? that does sound blunt, dosen't it? They use to have quite a litany of precautions for you to live within - of course it was for a relative short period of time.
I will be thinking about you - do you have to stay in the hospital for that procedure?

Sue said...

I'm so pleased all is going well and send big hugs and prayers for your coming treatment too.

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I am sorry I didn't leave a comment on your prior post but I have been thinking of are quite brave, you know? I've known two friends to have thyroid cancer and they have both recovered completely. Godspeed to you and your blessed recovery!

Pam Kellogg said...

Debbie, you are constantly in my thoughts & prayers. Hugs to you dear one!!!

Susan deGeneres said...

Hi Debbie,

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I've known a couple of women who've had the same diagnosis, surgery & radiation treatment that you are going through. I know each case is different and scary in it own right, but I hope it helps to know that, although both have to take daily medication to repalce the function of their thyroid, both women are healthy today.

The iodine treatment looks like a small amount of water and I'm told it doesn't have any bad taste. But you do have to be careful around other people, especially children, for a day or two.

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words of support. It helps knowing others are out there. Here's to a speedy recovery and healthy new year.


Cathy K said...

Hi Debbie, it sounds like your news is all good. What’s a few days of a restricted diet compared to being healthy and having the worst behind you?!? You are still in my thoughts and heart, sweetie! And may 2012 be wonderful beyond your dreams and expectations! Hugs, Cathy

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh Debbie - I so wish I could come to where you are and just give you the biggest hug. I'm so sorry you have to go through this, but on the other hand I'm very glad that if you do, that it has been contained. Prayers will definitely continue!

DeeDee said...

we luvs you Deb...I will keep you in continued prayers and sending my gentle hugs along the know what I am going thru so if I don't post much know I am still with you in spirit...hugs

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Holding you in prayers and thankful it was caught and being dealt with. My daughter had the radioactive iodine ... it was harder on me than it was her :)) thanks for keeping us updated so we know what to pray for.


Fun With This and That said...

Thank You for stopping by. Life is up hill sometime. Hope you will be fine soon. Hope your week is fun. Laura Q

Higgins Design Studio said...

Debbie, I have been too busy to read blogs the last week or two... I am glad the surgery(s) went well.
You are on my prayer list... and I too hope that you will be singing a very happy tune from now on! (I wish I knew how to put musical notes in my comment :~} )
Sending hugs!

Whytefeather said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you big warm hugs. I'm glad it was caught and everything is going well.
Hopefully the iodine treatments and diet won't be too hard.

vicki said...

Prayers will certainly continue for you my friend as you approach this next phase of your treatment. You have much to be thankful for - and I am so happy that after this round of treatment you will be cured. You are loved by so many of your blogging friends (me included!) and we will all pool our prayers and wish the very best for you. Thank you for allowing us to share this difficult journey with you.


Fun With This and That said...

I hope you are feeling better. I have been doing great today was so fun .Went and painted with my friends. It is so nice you comment so often on my blog.Laura Q

Michelle Palmer said...

Big, tight hugs and continued prayer!
You're a treasure~
Tons of love,

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh Debbie,
I had no idea, being out of commission I have missed out on so many posts. I'm so sorry! Your in my prayers!!! I pray the treatment works!!! BIG BIG HUGS from me!!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Debbie, I didn't know that you have been going thru all of this, so sorry, but glad things are better, I will definitely keep you in my prayers!!! Blessings~~ Daphne

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I am so glad that another part of this journey is over for you. Hopefully, the next step will be something you can handle without much difficulty. I don't really know much about this type of cancer. I will hold you in my prayers through it all.

MOLLYE said...

You are simply my Hero! Happy Thanksgiving and what Blessings you will have at your table this year. Love you, Mollye

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