Monday, November 1, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat Elaine's Goat

You may remember Elaine's Goat when it
arrived at my home.  I say it because at the
time it had not told me what it wanted to
As part of this "stitch around" you cut out your
goat and send it to the next stitcher in your group.
Elaine cut hers out and send it to me.
I am to put "it" on a background of my choosing
and embellish "it".
I have completed my assignment.  "It"  became
a she and she is named GOAT
"Gone On A Trip".
GOAT has been attached to her background,
sorry Elaine, I ain't tellin' what that will become.
She has been embellished and a little work on
the background has begun.
The next stitcher is DeeDee.
I will send Miss GOAT on her way with
a note explaining my vision for her.
DeeDee will then embellish most
of her background and send her on to
Lizzie.  Lizzie will complete the background
and finish the project.  She will then send
Miss GOAT home to Elaine where she will live,
Happily Ever After!

Love to all,
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