Thursday, November 18, 2010

There is a Word for People Like You!

Laura has been my blogging friend since I began
my blogging adventure.  She had a May Giveaway
that I won.  The beautiful pillow that was the prize
for that giveaway, is in my living room.  Every time
I see it I am reminded of Laura and our friendship.

Yesterday, I received a box from Laura in the mail.
When I first saw the box and noticed the return address
I could not imagine what Laura could be sending me.
In my wildest imagination, I could have never guessed
all the wonderful things this box held.
A Santa was there on top to greet me,
along with a card that expressed; Laura
sent these things, she had made, to bring me a smile!
As I continued I found this sweet scripture filled
booklet and a prayer box.
Inside the prayer box were 3 snowmen!
The next thing I unwrapped was this sweet
Christmas decoration that looks to be made
on a vintage soap cage.
An original watercolor was the next treasure.
Yes, Laura is a very talented artist.  I still have
the card she sent me back in May.  On that card
is a pencil drawing of her beautiful Granddaughter!
A stained glass sun catcher that will be beautiful in
my sun room window.  I blog from my sun room so,
I will now have a reminder of Laura there as well.
Laura also painted this tin
Angel ornament for me.
And would you look at this bird nest!  I love birds
and bird's nests.  I have a small collection and this will
fit right in.  There is a rose soldered charm in the
nest.  Yes, she made that too!
I have recently become involved with a group of
bloggers that stitch on wool.  We have a group
called, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Goat".
Well, Laura would fit right in with that group,
just look at the lovely Penny Rug/Mat she sent.
Laura, how did you know I have chickens in my
Thank you Laura, for all of the wonderful things!
Your Random Act Of Kindness was certainly

Love to all!

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