Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

I have been busy making Christmas Ornaments for a local photographer.
The ornaments have 2 photographs sandwiched between 2 pieces of glass,
or in some cases 1 photograph with a mirror on the back.  They are a lovely
keepsake.  Liz the photographer is very talented and is making quite a name
for herself. 
I have a 95 year old Grandmother that up until the last couple of years,
was a crafter that few could keep up with.  I taught her how
to make a folded cloth Christmas Ornament.  The squares of cloth
are folded and pinned to a Styrofoam ball.   Once my Grandmother
started making these she was like a little factory.  I would go for a
visit and she would have a box full of them finished.  She would
not allow anyone leave without taking some Christmas Balls with them.
I have enough to cover my large Christmas tree and both of my
brothers do as well.  I have cousins that have Christmas Ball
covered trees as well.  I have made a few and my daughter
has also contributed.  My Mother has made a few of these too, but
by far most were made by Gramma. 
Cost of Styrofoam balls ----$4.00
Cost of Fabric Squares----$2.00
Cost of Pins----$1.00
A tree covered with Gramma's Christmas Balls

I have requested  that Santa  bring me a special book this year.
Did you know you could have your blog printed out in book form?

 I would like everyone
 that reads this post to please, leave a comment.
You will then be a part of my book.

If you have never left a comment on a blog,
it is easy.  My friend Jillayne has a short
tutorial on her sidebar that will tell
you how.  It will only take a minute and once
you know how to do can tell everyone
what you think in a comment.

Love to all,
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