Sunday, January 16, 2011


Have you ever considered going .com?
Kind of a big deal to say the least.
My friend Pam took the plunge!
She is now a .com,
to be exact.

So many beautiful items that Pam,
her mother Adria and
her sister Kathi have created.
Pam offers so many Crazy Quilt items,
and Adria makes the most interesting
Tussie Mussies. Sister Kathi
is the jewelry artist.
We all know a girl can
never have too much bling!

All of the items they have
for sale
they have created,
a real family affair!
In these days of
big box stores
and mass produced items,
there are still families that
want to create with love
and attention to detail.
They offer
items you will be
proud to own
and to give
as gifts.
I hope you will

Love to all,

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