Saturday, January 22, 2011

Finding Your Purpose

I recently won Lynn's Giveaway!!!
This is the lovely necklace I
received!  The soldered charm
is beautiful!  I am sure I will
receive lots of compliments
on it.  This necklace has
 caused me to think,
about my purpose
and my dreams.
Before I get too deep I want
to show you the other things
Lynn sent along with the
You know I love birds and the little pocket with
the bird stamped on it is going into one of my journals.
Also, note the brass piece.
Here is an up-close photo.
As soon as I saw that piece I knew it had
a "purpose"!
This is just the beginning
 I will try to complete
the altered bottle soon!
Thank you Lynn! 
 I also need to thank her
sweet daughter
as it was she that drew my name
from the hat!
Good Job!

Now, back to the deep end of the pool.
Finding a purpose,
a dream.
Anne recently had a very
thought provoking post.
In that post she asked:
"What would you do....
if you knew you
couldn't fail?"
Great question Anne!
I have given this a lot of thought
and I really still have no answer.
When I asked my DD the question,
she said, "What is wrong with
failing?  At least you tried."
That is another perspective
to have on the question.

I wonder,
 have I really found
a purpose,
or a dream?
Have I really allowed
 myself to dream,
 to imagine what if?
I think each of us
wants a purpose.
To feel as though,
 what we are doing
is meaningful.
That when we are gone,
 there will be
some positive proof
of our existence.
What is your purpose?
If you feel as though
you have not
 found it.
What are you doing
to find it?

Love to all,
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