Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heart Swap Inspiration

Creating a heart from your heart maybe difficult if you are unsure where to begin the process.
I love a little inspiration, so I thought you may appreciate a little as well.
I find that colors inspire me, so it is off to the fabric stash I go.  Now you really
did not think I would show you my mountains of fabric did you?  That is rule #1
of the FAB (Fabric Addicted Broads) group, don't show your stash!  Someone
may want to steal it!  Okay, it is not a real group, but lets just say, "I got a lot and
it is too messy to show".  I do have friends with very neat work areas and are
Queen's of storage/organization.  Donna is a fine example of a dream workspace.
Connie even has a blog devoted to storage solutions.
Books are another place I love to find inspiration.  I recently checked the book,
"Cloth Doll Workshop" by elinor peace bailey, Patti Medaris Culea and Barbara Willis
from the library.  Full of great dolls and instructions.   I kept thinking Dorthe should
write a book like this about her Fairies.
Susan has some books listed on a recent post that will kick start the creative process.

Then there is always just some good ole' eye candy!
Here are some examples I have found on your
Sue created this:

Here is an example from Jillayne
Marie was so inspired by this "Heart From The Heart Swap" that she created this:
Stacie created this and I think it would be beautiful
on a heart.

Kim created this image with photoshop.  You could print it out on fabric and
use it as a focal point.

A simple Google Image Search of "Crazy Quilt Heart"
found 976,000 images, now that should be enough inspiration
for any of us.

Here is a list of those participating
And Me!

It is not too late to join!
Info for swap maybe found on this post.

Love to all,
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