Friday, January 14, 2011

Hearts Arriving

The mail lady was good to me today!
3 lovely hearts arrived in the mail.
If you love this heart and
do not receive it in the swap.
You will find other lovely hearts
like it in Donna's

Next up is the heart from Dorthe!
Dorthe lives in Denmark and
makes the most beautiful
mixed media creations.

Oh yes,  it is lovely!
 Dorthe has an etsy shop
too!  She also makes the
sweetest Fairies
and driftwood angels.

Jan's heart also
arrived!  I love the colors
and shape.

Yes, Jan has an
etsy shop too!
Check out the 2
mixed media pieces
she has listed there.
I really love them.

I have learned 2 things from the mail
First, I must get busy on the
heart I am stitching for the

Second, my etsy shop needs
to open.  I have it set up
with nothing in it!
Now that is just sad.

I am looking forward to more
hearts arriving in the mail.
As, I receive them I will
post them for you to see.
You may even dream
 about the one, you hope
 will come your

Love to all,


Whimsey Creations said...

Mine will go out Tuesday. Love the hearts you're showing - they are all beautiful. This is going to be a fun swap!

Just the Two of US said...

Beautiful hearts! I love the purple one the best! Miss you

Theresa said...

Beautiful hearts, each one different but gorgeous! Enjoy your weekend! HUGS!

Kim B said...

Beautiful hearts :)
Happy Weekend, Hugs, Kim

sissie said...

I love all of these joyful hearts and the glas who create them.


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Debbie,
love all the hearts - just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.Have a wonderful weekend.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so very glad I'm not you right now - I would NOT be able to swap these out because I would want to keep them! Mine is nearing completion and I plan to have it in the mail the first of the week.

La Dolce Vita said...

wonderful hearts all of them! ciao bella!

ShirleyC said...

They are all beautiful! I'm working on mine now.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Some beautiful hearts. I was not sure if mine was appropriate but seeing these I think it is fine. Will send it soon. Blessings

Jillayne said...

Very sad indeed. Mine is sad too - at least we can be sad together!
I am making my heart this weekend and then flinging it to you via airmail - thank heavens we aren't still at Carrier Pigeons (although I do wish we still had them!).
I am in awe of what you have already received. Thank you for posting them because now I know the bar. Chin ups are required I think. Beautiful work ladies!

Createology said...

How beautiful each one of these hearts! I am sad I did not join your swap. Maybe next time I will be less overwhelmed and able to participate. Happy Hearts Swapping...

mo said...

Hi Debbie, They are all beautiful. I especially love the last one. (pink you know) I am your newest follower. *hugs*

Lynn Richards said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

PeggyR said...

WOW these are turning out great! I'll be mailing mine the end of the week as I have other things to mail out as well.

DeeDee said...

Oh what eye candy is this.... lovely work Ladies...thanks for posting them Deb...I willbe finishing mine up this weekend I promise....hehehe!

Fun With This and That said...

Your change on your blog is so pretty. I bet you have been buzy doing the hearts they are so many nice ones. Go Red today Laura

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