Friday, January 28, 2011

Hearts Everywhere!

 Peggy sent this lovely heart.  Peggy is from Kentucky
and lives about an hour away from me.  She does
beautiful artwork when you visit her blog notice
the header she did those drawings!

Francie sent this heart with a Bird Nest on it!
It is beautiful and again so different.
Francie makes the best soaps.  She sent me
some back in the fall and I still use it!
Francie has an etsy shop, but
when I went to visit her shop, the cupboards
were bare. 

A new friend Jan sent the next heart. Jan is a knitter,
among other things.  On her blog she says, she has had
27 foster children.  Talking about touching the lives
of others!  Jan, I look forward to getting to know
you better and I am delighted you took part in this swap.

Vicki's heart was in the next box I opened. You must
take a few minutes to look at Vicki's blog. She is
another fellow Kentuckian and makes the most
fascinating bird nests.  Some of the "limited edition"
 nests she creates, benefit charities!
  She only creates her nests
during her "nesting"  seasons,
 so get on a waiting list, soon!

My good friend Wendy's heart arrived as well.
Wendy is the queen  of ATC's 
(artist trading cards).  That is how we met!
She wanted to start an ATC trading blog and I
encouraged her a little. She does fantastic things
with digital images (way over my head).
Check out her blog and maybe get involved in
her ATC swaps.  Wendy did  some cross
stitching on her heart.

DeeDee's heart was opened next. DeeDee really
did not want to send this heart to the swap.  She made
it and fell in love with it!  I can see why.  From the 
pink fluffy bow to the black tassel on the bottom, this
heart is a beauty!  It is beaded and really
something!  DeeDee has an etsy shop 
check out her soldered charms!
DeeDee is another friend that I talk to most
every day and have really enjoyed getting to know.
She and I like a lot of the same crafts.
Occasionally, I will tell her to take a picture of
something she is making so I can copy it!

Sherry is another new friend I have made through
this swap.  Her heart is beautiful my DD was helping
me photograph the hearts, as I was unwrapping them.
She mentioned all the perfect hand stitches.
The tiny flowers are so nicely formed too!
Sherry got the word on the heart right too,
to look at this heart brings you joy.  Read
Sherry's blog she frequents the thrift stores,
you gotta love that, and does a great job
repurposing.  I love the bed pillow she made
new again!

I have posted all the hearts as they have come in.
If you have sent your heart and have not
seen it posted, send me an email.  If you
have not mailed yours yet, no worries.
You have another week to mail!

Update on Sophie....
She is resting comfortably after passing a rather
large piece of a Pooh Bear!  The Pooh Bear was
causing her intestinal issues. 
 At least we did not have
to have the colonoscopy $$$$ done!

The next day she chewed DD's UGG boots!
After getting mad at Sophie, DD said, "Well
at least she has good taste in shoes!"

May as well laugh, about the things
we cannot change.  And learn to
put our shoes in the top of the

Love to all,
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