Monday, January 24, 2011

Here A Heart, There A Heart!

The mail lady drove up in my driveway today
and beeped her horn.  I went out and she
was gathering up packages.  She asked if I had
been buying things on Ebay!  No, I explained
I am hosting a swap.  She looked at me kind
of strange......I told her in about 2 weeks I
will be sending out about 30 packages, but
not to worry I would take them to the post
office myself.  "Whatcha' swappin'?", she
asked........well, hearts of course!

Mary Ann  (MA) sent hers all the way
from Canada.
Mary Ann's blog is a Magpie too!
She is also a contributor on
the Simply CQ Blog with me.
I always call her Sister Magpie.
She was kind enough to pray for me
while I was going through my
Thyroid Cancer ordeal.
As a matter of fact she was
the first blog friend I talked to about it.
Thank you Sister Magpie, for being
a part of this swap and for being
a praying friend!
Look at all the different techniques
that MA has used and incorporated
into this work of art.
Look at the spider web and beaded
The next heart was from Kim.
Kim is a good friend as well and
a praying friend too!
She helped me through my isolation
period (radiation treatment) for
the thyroid cancer.  She sent me
text messages and checked on me.
We email most every day.
She is also on the Simply CQ
blog.  We have had fun learning
Crazy Quilting together!
Kim is also very active with
stamping and paper crafting.
She has an etsy shop.
You can find a Valentine's Day
card there, along with lots of cute things!
The next heart to be opened came from
Florida!  Oh, to be in a warm climate!`
Dianne sent this "Let Your Heart Sing"
heart so different and beautiful!
Full of bead work and stitching!
Dianne is concerned about the coastal environment
and writes poety.  She has an etsy shop look
at the altered journals she makes!
Peggy sent this heart
I love the cameo she has attached to her heart.
Peggy is a caregiver and shares some great
recipes on her blog.
Then I opened this last... but not least,
from Shirley C.  Shirley is a cancer
survivor and has a lovely blog.  She shares
recipes too!  This heart is
has something for everyone
buttons, lace, yo-yos
and vintage linens. 
The back has a bit of a surprise as well!

A lace motif that Shirley made!!!!
Don't you love it!
As MA would say, "enbiggen it"
and get a good look!

On a personal note, I am worried
about my 6 month old puppy!
All 60 pounds of her, Sophie has been
passing small amounts of blood
and we are trying to determine the
source.  She has been given an
antibiotic, today she had blood
in her stool.  I am keeping an
eye on her and that means standing
in the rain and cold, with a flashlight
at night.  She is so smart, yesterday
DD told us of a dog that would ring
a bell to go outside when it needed
to potty.  I hung a bell, rang it each
time we went out and today she
rang the bell to go out!  I wish I
was that smart.  She is just a big
sweetheart and I love her so!

Love to all,
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