Sunday, January 9, 2011

Simply CQ

You may have guessed by now,
 I love Crazy Quilting
as do many of you. 
I love to look at the
 beautiful antique examples, 
while I marvel at the time
 and effort that went into
producing such masterpieces.
  In a time when
conveniences were few
or  nonexistent,
 those Victorian Ladies
 poured their hearts into
 a showpiece of needlework.
On those quilts,
 dates were recorded,
spiders filled the corners
and floral sprays filled spaces
 on a bed of velvet and silk.
True labors of love.
I am excited to announce
a new blog
where the world of
Crazy Quilting
 is celebrated and embraced.  
This is a blog that a few friends
 and I created
 to share our CQ love. 
 Together we have learned stitches
shared photos of our work. 
 Pam Kellogg
 Mary Ann Richardson
  our mentors and guides
have encouraged us.
If you have a love for Crazy Quilting
you may like to check out the Simply CQ blog.

Love to all,

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