Monday, April 25, 2011

For a Friend

Do you happen to see the tutorial
Pat Winter did on making
a dragonfly?
She used a new product by Kreinik
Since I live in a small town, I had
to make a trip to the big city
to find "Hot Wire", but I am
so glad that I did.
Here is the dragonfly
I created using Pat's
I did not glue the wire to the tulle
 as Pat suggested,
I stitched it down with a
matching Kreinik thread.
color that matched the "Hot Wire".
After stitching completely around the
wings, I added a fine line of
"Fray Check" .  After allowing
the "Fray Check" to thoroughly
dry, I CAREFULLY trimmed
the edges.  You don't want
to ruin all your hard work
up to this point.
I then attached the wings to
my intended project and added
beads for the head and body.

After, I attached the dragonfly to
my heart, I attached a backing
and lightly stuffed the heart.
(The heart is created
from a 100% wool sweater
that I felted, I love stitching
on a wool base.)
I also created this small
Prayer Book.
I am sending these off to a friend.

When I did my heart swap she
did not participate, but gave me
lots of encouragement.

As I was taking the above photos
Sophie followed me around.
Sophie is now 9 months old
and weighs about 90 lbs.
I do most of my photos in front
of this window because of the
great light that comes in.
Sophie was right up in the
middle of all the action.
Sophie approves of this post.

Love to all,
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