Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Should I Leave A Comment?

I remember back to when I discovered blogs.
I had a whole list of favorites bookmarked
on my computer.  I visited every once
and awhile just to see what was new.
There is nothing like getting inspired
by others and seeing what they have created.
I did not ever leave a comment,
why would they care what I had to say?
I think one of the first times I left
a comment on a blog was for a giveaway.
The more I read blogs, the more I wanted
 to write one too.
I was so ignorant on the whole process
but somehow I muddled through and
wrote my first post.
I waited to see if anyone would read
my post.
Would they leave a comment?
Would they follow me?
I remember announcing each
new follower and new comment
 to my family.

Someone would leave me a
comment and I would respond.
I would visit their blog and
leave comments for them.
Soon we were commenting
back and forth as well
as getting to know each other.
Having a  blog conversation,
so to speak.
I think the comments, the
interaction with others,
is one of the main reasons
I blog.

Do I comment everytime
someone posts?
No, sometimes I read what they
say and really have nothing to add
to the conversation.
If I read a post and really like
something they have said
or created, I do leave a
Recently I left a comment
on something I liked and
guess what?
They sent it to me!

Mary Ann was getting
rid of some great
I left her a comment,
she sent it to me!

Marie had made this
I left a comment on how much
I liked it.
She sent it to me!
Wrapped up in this cute
little bag.
When I look around
my house, I have reminders
 everywhere of my blogging friends.
(Hearts, Art Supplies,
Knitting Needles, Journals,
Fabrics, Ephemra....etc.)
Reminders of friends.
Friends that pray for you.
Friends you pray for.
Friends that share a common interest.
Friends that love their dogs.
Friends that share their knowledge.

Friends I would have never made,
if I had not left a comment on their blog.

Love to all,

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