Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting Kim

(Kim on left)
My family traveled to Alabama
this Memorial Day weekend.
While I was there, I was able to
work out a way of meeting Kim.
I looked back through my comments
and found the first comment
Kim left for me.
"I just found your blog.
Your bottles are so neat,
so my style of things.
I love the battle of the snake story."
Kim was a great encourager to me, last fall,
with my Thyroid Cancer.
When I faced a week of isolation,
being separated from my family,
Kim sent me a package full of
goodies to take with me.
I opened the package,
while feeling sorry for myself.
Quickly those thoughts vanished
and the crafting, creating
mode kicked in.
Kim and I share many
interests,  we have been
involved in the creation of a
Just think, if Kim had not left that first
comment.   I would have never
known the joy of having
her for a friend.
It was great meeting you
in person and
I hope we will see each other
again very soon!
Love to all,

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