Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Return of Jenni

The adventure began last fall
with a goat to go traveling call.

To begin the trip
make a goat with no rip.

My goat left that day.
I sent it to play.

In Texas and Austrailia
I thought.

For such a very long time
I heard not a whine

My goat,
must be lost on a boat.

Dee Dee had stitched,
we wondered, had it been pitched?

Then working on a clue,
DeeDee planned a rescue!

She contacted the other planned stitchers.
 And said, if you ain't gonna stitch,

send the goat back to me.
I will finish up Jenni!

That is just what she did,
I guess the others just hid.

Now  Jenni is complete
with a crown and  pink teat.

She's the cover of a book.
Here take a look!

If you are wondering why,
this poem, I gave a try.

Inside was a gift
to give me a lift.

A poem written by Gayle,
to long tell the tale.
Of  a trip not to be,
as once thought by me.

And now Jenni is home
again never to roam,

Unless it's,
Dee Dee she wants to visit!

I am thankful for friend
who stuck with it, til the end.

Thank You Dee Dee!
Thank you Gayle for the poem!

Love to all,

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