Friday, June 10, 2011

Everything Old is New Again

It is wonderful to have a
Mother and Grandmothers
 that share your interests.
I grew up surrounded
by women that loved to sew.
My mother's mother,
never met a
sewing machine she
didn't like.
Before she moved in with
my mother, she passed on
some things to me.
One of those treasures
was this Hamilton Beach
Sewing Machine.

The machine still had a cord,
but I was afraid to plug it in.
It also had that great wood base.
I took it home, to be greeted
with, "What are you gonna do
with that?"
I really was not sure, but I didn't
let on.  Always act as though
there is a great purpose for
everything you drag in.
Or hide it, before it can be seen!
I removed the piece that controls
the pressure foot
and added a simple
lamp fixture.
I was lucky it was a perfect fit.
I added a linen shade I covered with
white and pearl buttons. 
 It makes a great chair side light
for my sewing room!
Thanks Gramma,
for being a hoarder,
 before we knew
what that was.
 Hey, at least I got it, honest.

Love to all,

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