Sunday, June 12, 2011

Margreet's Block

Margreet's lovely block arrived!
Since I am new to the
I was looking forward
to this moment.
The first thing I did
was grab a note book
and my magnifying
stitching glasses.
I studied the block and
took 4 pages of notes.
Yes, I want to learn
and this is an excellent
 I will share some of
the things on which
I took notes.
Margreet used all silk or satin
fabric.  She hand pieced the
block.  A variety of stitches
as well as threads were used.
Several of the combination
stitches were worked using
variegated heavier thread and secondary
stitches were worked with
a fine metalic thread.

Thank you, Margreet!

My block went to DeeDee ,
I do hope she likes it!

Love to all,

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