Thursday, June 23, 2011

Target's Lack of Customer Service- Update

After a recent purchase at Target, I was sadly disappointed in the
"Customer Service".  I realize times are hard for retailers, but in this
instance I can only say shame on them. 
 No wait, I have a blog
 and I can say much more than shame on them. 
I can let you read the actual letter
of complaint I sent to them. 

This was an online order due to the fact it is not sold in stores. Since this is a carpet cleaning machine it is not something that is used on a daily basis. I used the cleaner for the second (2) time about a week ago. At that time the bracket that held the water tank in place broke. I tried contacting your customer service phone number numerous times and was kept on hold for more than an hour with no one answering. I contacted Hoover (the floor cleaner manufacturer)they instructed me to take the cleaner to a local repair center. I took the cleaner and was informed I would have to pay 35$ to send the cleaner for repair. I then decided to try to contact you (Target. com) to return the product. Again no answer at your "Customer Service" phone number. After several days of no answer and listening to Target theme song music on hold I decided to return the item to the store. I made a 20 mile trip to a Target store to see if I could get some help. I explained my situation and we tried to pull my receipt on the store kiosk. The store clerk then called to get a return "approval code". The clerk called your phone line and got an immediate answer. Jackie (the clerk) explained this was a different phone line than the customers called and she could get someone to answer. Yes they answered but then after telling them the order # and receipt #, we were put on hold. I said now you will see how I had to wait. As customers gathered behind me I offered to hold the phone and Jackie could take care of those that waited. I was on hold, standing in your store at the "Customer Service" desk for 90 minutes. That's right one hour and 30 minutes. Jackie said she was sorry for my wait and surely someone would answer soon. Jackie then took a break as I stood holding the phone waiting for an answer. After holding on the phone for that amount of time. I was told by someone "That there was nothing that could be done this was past the 90 days. I explained how I could not get through to the customer care center by phone and had to make a trip to the store. I was not wanting to return the item, just because I did not like it I was attempting to return it due to the fact it was broken after the 2nd time I had used it. Again I was told sorry nothing we can do. Customer service....I think not. If this product had been abused or I had attempted to return it after the 1 year warranty was expired I could accept the answer I was given. But for a product to break on the 2nd use and for the 90 days to have expired by a few days and given that answer was not customer service. To be kept waiting a customer service desk for a hour and a half (90 minutes) on hold on the telephone is absolutely ridiculous. I am certain I will hear nothing from this complaint and if I do it will be the customary "Sorry there is nothing we can do." answer. It is good to know how stores handle complaints and it is great when they actually try to help you have a good shopping experience. It is also good to know when the opposite happens.
I feel much better now!

Love to all,
(except Target)

Update to post.  Shortly after this post was published.  I was contacted by Target.  Over the course of several emails, Target had UPS come to my home and pick up the floor cleaner.  After receiving the floor cleaner they sent me a gift card refund.  Thank you, Target!
Who says Mommy bloggers have no power?!?


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Too bad Debbie. That is sickening. I have never had to deal with a situation like that with Target but nothing surprises me in the retail would any more. Just spread the word.

ShirleyC said...

It does a body good to vent! I know that is so irritating, and doesn't say much for the stores standing behind their products for sure.

Melissa @ Love Affair With My Brother said...

Wow, shame on target! Time to find a new retailer. I would think that in this economy the customer service would be a little better to keep us coming back and spending what little money we have with them. I guess not! Time to vote with our dollars.

Kathy said...

I hope they do reply to you and you get some satisfaction. Sometimes the squeeky wheel gets the oil. I absolutely hate shopping and buy most things at a resale shop. I don't think big box stores even care anymore!

vicki said...

Now - dont you feel better! Those kind of things just drive me crazy too! Deep breathe~~


Theresa said...

I AM sorry that you had so much trouble! I haven't had any problems with Target since they changed their system! I like it that they can pull up your purchase even without the receipt! I hope that they get back with you and resolve the problem! I do not like to be put on hold especially FOR THAT LONG, or having automated responses!

Have a blessed day, HUGS!

DeeDee said...

I am so sorry for this Deb.. I think the store manager would have been higlhly embarrassed by my public display of dissaproval on the 90 minute stand on the phone alone!! the rest is uncalled for.. totally!!... I would go to the store talk to the manager and tell him to call customer service for you while you have coffee in the deli on them until he can get you a resolution to this matter... I am not a shopper of Target as I worked there years ago... never went back. So sorry Deb.. I would let word of mouth work its wonders and get it fixed else where OR sit in thier entry way and try to sell it to incoming customers.. telling them the story... sorry I am bad :D...
glad you vented it... sending you a hug my friend.

Jillayne said...

Good for you!
It is annoying how some companies have lost touch with true customer service and make people jump through hoop after hoop just to get fair service, never mind a great experience.
Great letter and great idea to post it - at least you get teh satisfaction of that!

Fun With This and That said...

There is no customer service any more.I had a trouble with Best Buy. I will not buy from them .I say" here I come walmart". Laura

Cathy K said...

What a pathetic story, and I am sorry you had to go through that hell. There is no excuse for a 90 minute wait. NONE. In solidarity, we will switch to another retailer here (we usually go to Target twice monthly for personal care items). We discovered a national drug store that we will be using instead.

SHAME on Target! BTW, do you have a consumer advocate at one of your local TV stations? That might wake someone up! Also, I was curious if, when you got through to a real live person, were they here in the US or were they in India?


Michelle May (Shell) said...

It's a sign of the times with the big box stores. A disappointing sign at that. :(

BennBooCreations said...

I haven't been in a Target for about 4 years; at least now I can justify another 4.

lambs and ivy designs said...

Yep, that is why I don't shop at Target! Same type of things several years ago. You would think in these economic times people would improve their customer service!

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