Monday, June 27, 2011

Vintage Pie Safe Redo

The Pie Safe was my
Great Grandmother's.
In the 1970's my
mother gained  possession of it.
As was the rage, in those
days,  she painted it
"Avocado Green" 

There must have been some
visitors at one time. 

When my eldest daughter graduated from
college and found a place of her own.
I transformed her old room at
home into a sewing room.
Needing space for fabric storage,
I thought of Granny's Pie Safe.
I brought it home and began the
process of taking it back
to it's old look.
New drawer pulls, hinges and
a fresh distressed coat of paint
brings it back to it's vintage look. 
I even left the mouse hole in the
back, although I hope I have
no visitors! 
I have begun the process of filling
it up.  The drawer holds my
embroidery threads.  I will begin the
process of folding all the fabric in
neat uniform pieces to stack on
the shelves. 
I wonder how long it will stay
that way?  I'd give it a week
at the most!

Love to all,
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