Monday, July 11, 2011

New Stitch on the Block

I have begun work on a new DYOB.
(Do Your Own Block)
with the Yahoo Group

First you create a block to keep and
a block to swap.
Here is the block I have created to swap.
Each week a different stitch is called to
be used on your block.
The first stitch for this block was,
called by Margreet,
the Herringbone Ladder Stitch.
Maureen picked the next stitch
the Basque Stitch.
The stitching is not complete as
shown here.  The next step is to
take  the stitches and embellish
them.  Take them from plain to
I will post those additions soon!

Love to all,


Fiona@BubzRugz said...

The block you have made looks great and your stitcheries are so neat..... I have never seen Basque stitch....

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Deb! Thanks for stopping by. Love your stitched piece, always soooo beautiful. Have a great week, and have fun with the exchange. Riki

Rebecca said...

Lover your stitchery Miss D! Beautiful! Can't wait to see more!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Love the muted colors and design of your piece. I have yet to finish the crazy quilt block I started. I am so bad with following stitch patterns. I just want to make things up as I go along. :/ Happy stitching! Best wishes, Tammy

vicki said...

Hi Deb - you have begun another fabulous project - I am in love with the colors of this block - I can hardly wait to see how you embellish this- you are amazing with your stitches!


Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother said...

I agree with the other comments. Your color choice is so lovely and your stitches are amazing. I will have to work very hard to catch up to you someday!! ;-)

Whytefeather said...

Love the block you put together and your stitching, as always, is beautiful! Those are two stitches I have not seen before... hmm, need to learn those!

Dorthe said...

Dear Deb-
looks so lovely, and such a great idea, to every week add a new stich. Beautiful.
Hugs, from Dorthe and thankyou for your sweet words,my friend .
xx -Dorthe

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Deb,
the Blog you have made look beautiful already!!Great stitches
and I can't wait to see more.Have a wondrful week.

Theresa said...

Gorgeous as it is right now:) Can't wait to see what's next! Have a blessed day dear Deb, HUGS!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Hi Deb, your skill is very impressive. Wish I could do that again. Can't see well enough to do that. I am just about finished all my plarn items and plan on an online store once this is over. Loved your do over on the pie safe.

PeggyR said...

I like what you did. Have you decided what you are going to do with all your hearts and blocks?

Jillayne said...

What a terrific idea! I love the idea of one to keep and one to give. And I also love the idea of people calling the stitches. It will be wonderful to follow along and see where it goes.

Eileen Bergen said...

That's quite a challenge, Deb, - not knowing what stitch will be called for next.

How can one assure a pleasant overall design? You've done beautifully so far. I'm impressed!

DeeDee said...

This will be a lovely swap for some lucky lady.. your stitches already look lovely cannot wait to see them embellished... happy stitching

Sherry said...

I think this would be so much fun to do but must stick to what I can handle for now. Your work is so nice, as usual. I will look forward to seeing your finished project.

Createology said...

What an interesting swap challenge. One to keep and one to give is a great way to not leave yourself out as we always tend to do. Not knowing which stitches until revealed each week makes it all the more exciting. Happy stitching to you...

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Looking good girlfriend!

Michelle May (Shell) said...

How fun is that! I love the lace piece with the circles.
xx, shell

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