Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Block Complete, Ready To Swap

After receiving a few suggestions
on ways to improve my block.
I have made the following additions.
Gerry thought the butterfly looked
lonely, so I added a couple of friends
a dragonfly,
and a beetle.
 Gerry also thought the stitches below
the butterfly should be extended
up to the crocheted doily.  Thank
you Gerry, I learn so much from
both your blogs.

(We will pause now for
a brief message.)
 If you are new to Crazy Quilting
or just want to learn some
new things, check out
Gerry's "block talk".
She takes a crazy quilt
block and gives examples
of how the block could
be improved, as well
 as pointing out the positives.
In her examples she does
a little editing magic,
that actually shows what
the block would look
like, with the changes made.
This has allowed me to
"see" through her eyes and
actually understand  what
she is explaining! 
Back to the block,
The small yellow stitches
below the basque stitch were
bothering me. 
Donna took time from her
camping trip to help me come
up with a solution.  After
removing the stitches,
I decided it looked better
and left well enough alone.
(I know this fact will surprise
some of my friends, I am always
a more is better girl!)
 After stitching the additions
the block spent the night pinned
to my ironing board for blocking.

Here is the completed block!
It is now ready for the
Swap 3.

Thank you for all the suggestions and
comments.  Especially, Maureen she is an
 ever present encourager, a wealth
of knowledge and I am blessed
to have a friendship with her.

Love to all,
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