Monday, August 29, 2011

Boho Bags

Have you noticed all the bloggers that
are creating boho bags?
Pat Winters has some lovely ones,
Cathy created one as well,
so nice of her to point out her
errors, so we would not make
those same mistakes.
I kept looking at these bags,
thinking I could make one.
But, all those different fabrics,
where would I find them?
You know I have quite a fabric
stash of my own.  Could I find
just the right fabrics to use?
Then I happened to notice this:
A kit available in her etsy shop!
I have long adrmired her buttons,

she handpaints each one!
The boho bags were great
lots of fabrics and trims!
Here is the kit I purchased
When the kit arrived Gerry had included one of her
handpainted buttons!

Gerry also has a great tutorial on creating a
boho bag on her blog.
Ladies, start your sewing machines!
Let the fun begin.
Will post my completed bag soon!

Love to all,

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